Have you ever been at the place in life where everything feels like a blur? The place where you have almost stopped feeling joy entirely and rather than have any feelings, your mostly just in a fog? The place where all hope is lost and who knows, maybe you have questioned death as if it were a sweet release? I can honestly say that I have multiple times in my life. I’ve felt those desert places, the ones where you are all alone, looking everywhere around you for help, but you find no one. I’ve been at the bottom of the well looking up for the smallest glisten of light wondering how I’d ever get out. Most of these wells I dug all on my own. 

These places, the desert, the empty well, they are the loneliest places on earth. Filled with pain, despair and emptiness. There’s something I’ve learned about these places however, something I was never suppose to see. It is there, in the desert, where I am all alone that I have been captured by the light, filled with in beatable strength, given unbreakable courage, and shown the way out by a mighty warrior. It is there, in the depth of despair, where a warrior is grown and handed the mighty tools of battle. Ones which are so strong, so powerful, they can even slay dragons.