Have You Ever Stopped to Weep?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of your day, in the middle of a busy moment, in the middle of the rush and the hustle and bustle and just began to weep?

The kind of weeping that is so deep, so intense, you can feel it in the pit of your stomach and your chest violently shuffles through the breaths.

Scripture says in John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” Its the shortest verse in the entire Bible. Its the moment where Jesus stops what He is doing and in the middle of the mission, in the middle of the work He has spent countless sleepless hours doing, He weeps.

I cannot tell you how many times I have done this lately. I’ll jump online to get some work done and read an article about how a mother had to call 911 just to get her kids food because she’s tried everything else and had no options left. Officers came to the rescue and brought her food but then I think, how many children around our affluent country are starving and then I just break and weep.

I know that as Jesus wept over His friends death, He knew what He was about to bring, bring back to life what was lost. Yet in that moment I believe the full weight of ALL that has been lost due to sin is what brought Jesus to his knees. I cannot image how many times Jesus weeps now, looking around at all those poor children starving, people being murdered, people being stolen and taken into captivity for slavery, countries continuing to fight one another rather than love. The weight of this sin, the weight of this loss is in all honestly, something we will never be able to fully grasp until after this life.

Yet for now, as these moments happen, as I weep for the loss, for the suffering, I soak it in and realize I can always do more.

The flip of the coin is that Jesus came and died for all of this loss, and one day He will return in all His glory to destroy this sin and loss once and for all. There will be a day of restoration, a time where all things are made new and that day is a day I long for like a tongue thirsty for water. Until that day though, we warriors, the mighty followers of Christ, the ones He has set aside to be apart of His great army for the great commission, WE must stand in the gap, do more, do some-thing and do what we can where we are at.

This is a short entry but its important and its vital. We MUST fight on for the purposes of the King. Fight with love, fight to save, fight to protect. Fight, to ensure the future of those who are suffering and far from God.


-Sincerely, Shara

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