Film Worthy Stories of Scripture

Hello Everyone! 2018 is upon us and I hope that all of you had a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am feeling pretty torn that 2017 is gone. On one hand, I am kind of relieved that it is over because it brought some challenges and heart ache that is nothing short of bitter-sweet. Yet, on the other hand, I’m so thankful 2017 happened and I would not change a thing.

Well, bring it on 2018 and to kick start the new year in the gut, my husband and I have decided to team up and do a FUN and fantastic series on YouTube! That’s right, we will be using new media sources to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone, learn new ways to connect with people, and most importantly, spread the Word of God.

This new series will begin this coming Saturday, January 6th and will include a plethora of stories found in scripture that many are not familiar with. Or, if you have heard of them, you might have forgotten. Each video will be about 10 minutes long because lets face it, all of us are busy and do not have time for another sermon or lecture.

That’s what makes this so exciting. Its not another sermon or lecture at all. These will just be fun and fascinating stories that we will tell almost as if we are watching a fan theory video about the latest and greatest Marvel film.

We will provide resources at the bottom of our YouTube videos that will allow you to do some more in depth research should you feel pulled to do so, and will dive into more detail of each series HERE, on the BLOG.

I am so excited to share these stores with all of you and I hope you join us along for the ride.


Thanks so much for being here and God Bless!

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