What is Slaying Dragons?

What an interesting name for a blog, or a web site, or whatever we pretend this might be. What an even stranger mission statement. At least that’s what I first thought when the idea came to me.
When life began to tear my husband and I down a little over a year and a half ago, we had to figure out a way to get back up and fight. Together we began to toss around ideas on how almost everything wrong in our lives could be taken back to one thing, the enemy.
At first, I was so angry when I realized just how much of a jerk this guy was. It’s not like he hadn’t done serious damage in the past, but now he was taking away my whole life, everything I found important, and worse, he crossed the line when he went after my marriage.
Finally, through prayer and the guidance of dear friends, my husband and I began to fight back against the evil in our lives giving credit where credit was due and Slaying Dragons was soon born.
Slaying Dragons is about being open, honest, completely bare and vulnerable to the truth of the world around us. Our hope is to shine some light into the dark parts of the lives of those who pass us by.
Dragons come to seek, kill and destroy everyone, in every moment, of every day. No one faces this world without a battle. No one faces this life without struggles. Pain is no respecter of persons and there will be no one who leaves this place unscathed.
I ride a bike almost every morning with my daughter. It gives me some peace to start my day, I get to smell fresh air and enjoy being outside. I also have moments of watching those who pass me by. The man and woman in the car next to me at the red light screaming at each other. The woman running down the street getting her exercise, despite the pain I see on her face. The old man walking his dogs down the street knowing those dogs are all he has left in this world.
I see the dragons in the lives of others every day. Surrounding them, ready to attack its prey at the moment they least expect it like a pack of lions chasing after their next meal. From what I have seen, felt, and experienced in my life, these dragons are sly creatures. Grabbing us in our most vulnerable areas of life; the areas we hide from everyone else.
I’m here to expose those dragons, call them out like the beasts they are and capture their victims for saving.


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