Once Saved Always Saved?

We’ve all been there. The place where we question our salvation or the salvation of others. Once we accept Christ into our lives and proclaim He is the Savior, are we always Saved? Or can we be “un-saved?” The short end of this answer is simple, YES, once you are saved you will always be [...]

Jesus Wept

Words cannot express the sorrow, grief, shock, fear, horror, or pain that so many are going through after what happened in Las Vegas. Anyone affected by the incident on Oct 1, we are with you. This is the time to hug your loved ones. Time to mourn if you've lost someone. Time to be angry, [...]

Enduring Defeat

Overcoming defeat. Feeling defeated sucks. It drains our energy and wears down our spirit. I'm not referring to the obvious one-time defeats like losing a football game, or ending a relationship, or failing a class.  I'm talking about the long term, ongoing feeling that life isn't working out the way we planned. We aren't as [...]